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Do a lot more on your android phone..with JohnnysApp

JohnnysApp is as good as having your secretary in your pocket, the secretary carrying your scribble pad, reminder list, personal diary, assets register, documents..

JohnnysApp is a standalone app. Use it to digitize your personal data. It provides for instant access to the data and a lot many options to use it. You don't need internet to use it. The data resides in your smartphone. So you have absolutely zero data security issue.

There are over 100 things you can do with JohnnysApp...

Over 100 features?... i don't need them.. will be confusing..

But you can always start with one, the simplest one or the most useful one in your situation and use more features as you go by, until you realize that you needed almost all of may even want more... and we will be adding more for you..

Scribble pad

  • Scribble, update & find.. all in a jiffy
  • Narrative or lists, shared or even synched
  • Include voice recording too in the scribble
  • Attach contacts, images too
  • Scribble units, meta data, summary view, filters enhance ease of use
  • Use a single tap to start scribbling
  • Link alerts to your scribble unit.
  • Dial from your scribble data
  • Save scribble to contacts in a single tap..

toDO list:

  • Easy to add a record, even linking them to your contacts, contact groups or even previous calls
  • Warning option, never gives up
  • Spoken reminders with voice commands
  • Snooze options-easy-to-use & flexible, Queue option, Silent mode, phone modes etc to make them practical.
  • Call/email/Text with a single tap at reminder time
  • Attach contacts, images, audio to the record
  • Remote toDO on a partner's JohnnysApp can be enabling.
  • Varieties of toDO entries..Priority lists, Timed messages, Calls and Reminders, Daily/weekly/monthly plans, Duration tracking...

My logs:

Consists of two things:

  • Personal multi-media diary
  • My events... auto created from toDO or manually entered

  Personal Diary:

  • Personal diary is multi-media & practical in your smart phone
  • Attach photos & voice to the entry
  • Password/finger print protected
  • Frozen entries freeze your emotions too.. with no edits; only additions

  My events:

  • Log of events with date & Narration
  • Automatic logs from toDOs

Document usage:

  • Scan, crop & save any document
  • Find & Use the, whatsapp etc
  • Any number of keywords to find your document
  • Attach contacts to your document

Media usage:

  • Associate each of your images and music files with as many keywords
  • Find them using any combination of them
  • Use them instantly from JohnnysApp-Open, share, play
  • Description too included in the search.

App usage:

  • Associate each of your installed apps with as many keywords
  • Enter even a mnemonic keyword in your language to find an app
  • Find them using any combination of keywords & run them too
  • Find an 'English app' using local language keywords

Personal Assets register:

  • Save your asset details 
  • Associate your asset with images, documents, contacts
  • Group them under various categories
  • Filter them using Asset group
  • Get summary values-purchase & current
  • Link it with events and get event related alerts-warranty, service, statutory registrations etc..

Keep In Touch:

  • Your life revolves around your contacts. JohnnysApp facilitates that in very many ways
  • Track festivals, events and occasions of importance for each 
  • Define frequency of contact to ensure smooth relationships
  • Make as many groups as you want
  • Send messages, make calls to the entire group
  • Timed SMS or instant SMS can be done
  • View message history
  • Use message templates for speed & perfection

Memo card:

  • Store, use & share user ids, account numbers etc
  • Access using voice commands or the powerful JA find

My places:

  • Store, use & share any number of your places, declaring one as your home place.
  • Define way points, places of interest to you, for whatever reason.
  • Link actions, contacts, events (with reminders) to my places
  • Get to know where you are with reference to any of your places.
  • Get to know weather in all your places


  • Store, use & share medication data and associated reminders
  • Update them and log them for review by your doctor, when necessary.

Shopping list:

  • Accumulate your shopping list, even with voice commands.
  • Have as many lists as you want
  • Share it or even synch it.
  • Share it with an Amafon shop to do an online shopping.

Other tools/Options:

  • Quick menu to quickly create warnings for the immediate future
  • QR Code scanner to read and use a QR code data.
  • V-card reader to add to your contacts list
  • Mobile search to find data from your entire mobile data-scribbles, toDO records, personal diary, images, documents, messages, Call history...
  • My Places to store places and log events related to them. The log includes visits. All travels are also logged automatically to create a searchable list.

 Why JohnnysApp?

Today's smart phones are a lot more than yesterday's main frame computers; but used more as a fashion statement and maybe even for some talking.

JohnnysApp transforms your smart phone into an assistant.. a lot more than a smart secretary:

  • A store-house of information
  • An intelligent and reliable companion
  • An instrument for your success helping you to be more organized.

From being just a phone and otherwise a drain on your resources, the smart phone becomes your greatest ally for your success.

  • Store an incredible amount of data
  • Record anything and find it too
  • Save your toDO list & get alerted with actionable options.
  • Make it your smart asset register
  • Organize your media files
  • Save your documents 
  • Make it your programmable talking clock
  • and a lot more...

JohnnysApp has so many features that you might find it too complex. If you try to check on all the options, it can be intimidating.

Start with a single feature, preferably toDO list or scribble notes. Once you start getting benefits from it, you can expand your usage. There is help on what all you can do and how you can do in the App itself.

Download free on your android phone:

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