How to use it:

Tap on to add a new asset record. Select an asset group to which your asset belongs. You can add to the list of asset groups using from asset groups.
Enter the name of the asset.
Enter the supplier name. You can even select from your contacts. Enter a contact number (if it is not present in the contacts record), if you want to call the supplier from the asset view.
Enter the purchase value & date. Enter latest date & value.
Enter a detailed narration about your asset.
Link related images, documents, even contacts to each asset. Tap on 'Linkages' to initiate it. Link all relevant contacts to the asset. You could link different service providers of your asset so when you need a service you can instantly use the data. You could also link relevant images & documents(bills, service agreements..)
Generate alerts to ensure better asset utilization & maintenance. Tap on 'Events' to initiate it. Define all the events that you need to be aware of. Like the toDO alerts, the app will speak out at the defined time. You have options to act-call, message, mail, snooze.. 

Record asset related events... repairs & upgrades done, periodic services done etc can be logged in.