What all can you do in Memo card:

There are two types in this-Memo bite and Voice memo

Memo bite is a collection of your essential data-each a mouthful (just a bite) of codes, IDs, account numbers and even passwords. It consists of a label and the data value. Examples:

Personal email id         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
citi account number     01201341213435
Citi customer id           12146423

Memo bite helps you in many ways:

  • Store all your codes in one place with additional password protection, if necessary. 
  • Easy access for viewing, sharing, copying and even speaking out. 
  • Share even multiple records together
  • Find using any part of the associated description (label) or the actual value
  • Access using voice commands or define Custom commands 'My Commands' for yet easier access.

Voice memo is used to save a voice recording. Someone wants you to save a telephone number and one way to save it is to dictate it into your mobile using VoiceMemo of JohnnysApp. This data can not be copied or pasted as it is stored as a voice file. However, you can associate it with any number of keywords helping you to find the voice recording with any of the key words.

How to use it:

Memo bite(text):

Tap on to add a new memo record. Type its descriptive name, the label of the data that needs to be remembered. Enter 'Personal email id'
Enter the code, the data that needs to be remembered. Type This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Define it as password secure, if it needs to be secured and save the data.
Use the Move tool Data move to position the record anywhere in the list.
Find the data using any part of its name or its value.
Share/copy/edit/delete any of them individually or select any subset of them for sharing or copying.
Access the data by a global search in JohnnysApp or by a search within memo card
Access any record using voice commands either globally or specifically in Memo card ('share gmail id from memo card')

Voice Memo:

Voice memo is a means to record any voice and associate it with any number of keywords to find it easily. To create a voice memo, select the Voice memo tab and tap on '+' , tap on record and stop on completion, play back to confirm; re-record, if necessary and save. Now add the (key) words associated with the recording and save the record.
Please note that there is no transcription here and hence this will work even when there is no internet connection.
Use the menu option to associate any number of keywords with the recording. Now you can find the memo using any of these associated keywords and listen to it or refine the keywords to improve access.

Data security:

Level-1: Your data is secure because it is present only in your mobile.
Level-2: Protect any record, optionally, with a password.
Level-3: Very critical data like passwords when saved, are ideally encrypted using your own code. This will provide an additional level of security to your data.Thus, if your password includes an abbreviation for your place, LNDN for London, type 'place' in place of LNDN. Thus if the password is logicLNDN01, save it as logicPLACEzerozero+