Media tracking:  Organize your photos, videos & music

Organize your media for accessing & using them with ease and in many different ways. Facilitates instant use of photos, documents, videos or music on your mobile.
Tap on to add a new record. Select the category of media to be included. Select the file. Type as many coma separated keywords as you want. You can fill in any narration that describes the photo or media. The smart find looks into the contents of description too to locate your media record.

To locate a media file, type one or more of the keywords, coma separated, that your file is associated with. Tap on find button to search your mobile. The files matching your search keys will appear with the best matches appearing on top of the list. The filter photos, music, videos help you to zero in onto what you are looking for.

Any document can be instantly shared, viewed or managed from the summary view with a deep press on the record.