How to use My Places:

Tap on  to add a new place record. Though it is easier and better to declare the place as your place when you are physically there, you can also declare all your places as your places sitting anywhere. One of your places is unique as your home place and the distances from your home place to all your other places are always available by default. When you are on the move, JohnnysApp will show the current distance from your home, updated on request or automatically every 20 minutes.

  • Define the location of your place on google map. If you are physically in the place, it is easy to select the current location. Edit the address picked up from the map location. Landmark and directions to your place can be entered. When someone wants to know how to come to your place, these data can be easily shared from your mobile.
  • Have any number of 'My Places' each '+' adding a new place
  • You can define the order in which all your places appear using the move tool.
  • Share/copy/edit/delete any of them.
  • Link all people associated with that place onto your contact group for the place. This can be used for group messaging
  • You can have two activity lists-one of activities that you need to do before you go to the place and the other of activities that you need to do once you are there.
  • You have an option to trace your past movements. You can very easily find out the dates on which you have visited any of your places. Any stay more than 20 minutes is logged.
  • You can see the weather at your place or see the weather forecast for the immediate future.
  • My events at each place can be defined. You will get reminders for such events at the specified warning date.
  • My-places and Way-points are similar except for Home location property.
  • You can access the data by a global search in JohnnysApp, by a search within memo card, using voice commands either globally or specifically in Memo card ('share gmail id from memo card')
  • Voice commands can be used to find the data, to add a way point or even to share the data. 'Share my place London home' will enable you to easily share your London home data from your mobile.