JohnnysApp toDO list... when failure is not an option

Perfection...perhaps is achievable with JohnnysApp toDOs.

Main features:

  • Get notified, even spoken to, at the DOtime.
  • Link to one of your contacts or enter any name and even phone number(s).
  • Create a toDO entry in a jiffy from your previous calls.
  • Make instant calls at the appointed time.
  • Define repeating tasks to automatically create new toDO records.
  • Specify a warning time to alert you. 
  • Easy options to close or snooze
  • Associate a toDO entry with many types of attachments-audio, contacts, images, photos, even sketches

Summary view:
View all pending reminders together.
Sort the summary view by DO time, warning time, creation time, edit time...
Adjust reminder timings from 'Upcoming reminders' in your menu.
View in a filter-only Pending, Completed, All
Search option to find any entry using any bit of its contents.

Friendly features include: 
Spoken alerts are handy as you are alerted even without taking out your mobile. Audio(spoken) alerts can be turned off whenever required.
Instanly make a call, send a message or email to the associated party.
A summary view in reminder time sequemce helps you manage your schedule. 
Use Sort options to view the list by last edit, entry date, DOtime, reminder time etc.
Use Filter option to view your list-expired, pending or even all together.
An upcoming reminder view where you can set of all reminders until a specific time.