Your digital scribbling pad:

What all can you do with it:

  • Scribble anything and organise them in (scribble) units.
  • Create as many such units as you want.
  • Two types of scribbles-running text or lists of items
  • Share a unit using contacts or call history-email, whatsapp, other apps.
  • Easy & smart find using any part of its contents, including multiple words, creation date, edit date, access date, associated metadata....
  • A single tap from homescreen to start jotting down is an enabler for many. An instantly accessible 'quick unit' is a need fulfilled.
  • Create a shortcut on your homescreen to any scribble unit. And a tap on the shortcut opens the unit.
  • Widget to create a Sticky Scribble, a perpetual reminder, on your home screen.


Your scribble unit can have a lot more than the text that you scribble in it.

  • Include meta data of keywords for finding the scribble.
  • Attach any number of media files to your scribble unit.
  • Attach any number of contacts to it and use the data to call/email/text from the unit.
  • Take a photo and attach that too.
  • Record an audio and make it a part of the scribble. 
  • Draw your own sketch and attach that too.
  • All these attachments can be opened when the unit is open.

Other features:

A feature-rich scribbling utility with unlimited Scribble units ...Dividing while combining...appropriately.. to sit on top of the situation
  • Enable a reminder to alert you about it.
  • Instant scribble using johnnysApp widget on homescreen or from scribble summary view.
  • Instant opening of any unit using short cuts on the homescreen.
  • Data entry made easier...Insert date, current time, last call/message name or number, last message etc
  • Call/Text-to any number in your contacts linked to your unit.
  • Share the unit..whatsapp, email, message, other apps.
  • Add a mobile number or a name-number pair in the unit to your mobile contacts list.
  • Add a title to each unit.
  • Associate each unit with your own category.
  • View all the units in a summary view.
  • Sort the view by create, edit or access date, category or even title.
  • Summary view with meta data & linked data keeps you in control.
  • Filter the data by category or by any of the relevant dates
  • Synch your scribble with other johnnysApp users.


How do you use it:

Tap on to start a new scribble unit. Scribble anything and save it Save. Each  creates a new unit. Have as many independent scribble units as you desire. 

Quick scribble unit:

Quick scribble unit is a special unit to which you can instantly scribble with a single tap. If the JohnnysApp widget is present on the home screen, a tap on Quick Note ,the widget, opens the default 'quick scribble unit' for instant typing into the default unit. You can also tap on Quick Note on the scribble summary view to open the 'quick unit'.  A voice command 'add to scribbles..'Raju's account with ICICI bank is 2325 5354 7432' and the data will be saved in your quick scribble unit. Later, you can find the data by searching for 'Raju', 'ICICI', 'account' '7432' etc.. in any combination.

Scribble list:

You can maintain a list of data by selecting 'new list'. You get 3 columns for entering data-a text, a numeric and a date field. You can change the data type, width etc or even remove columns using Edit Structure  and enter data as per your needs. The list has options to color each item or re-sequence it by moving any record to any place.

Summary view:

A tap on scribble or a selection of Scribbles in main menu brings out the summary view of all scribble units.
Tap on Expand to expand the unit and see the entire contents of the unit along with the other units in-line.
Sort your summary view of your scribbles in any sequence you desire..last edit date, creation date, access date, category, by tapping on Sort-Ascending or Sort-Descending.
A tap on any unit in summary view opens the unit. Once open, you can read it, use data in it to call, message or email or tap on Quick Note to edit it. A deep press gives you options to edit, delete, share (email, share with other apps), share to recent numbers, copy to clipboard, or even create a short cut.
To find your scribble, type any part of its content, even multiple bits (separated by coma) and tap on Find. Include even meta data to make your find easier.The find is smart enough to show you the best matches first when you search with multiple words. The result of the find appears like a filtered summary view. You can include all the applicable dates in the filter by tapping on Filters. If you remember that you edited something 3 days ago, filter by modified date and put the date on which you remember the modification happened. The relevant unit is displayed. The date filter and the search word work in tandem.
A single tap on Quick unit to start scribbling into a special 'quick scribble' unit.
You can create a short cut in your home screen to any of your scribble units by a deep press on the unit in summary view. A tap on the 'Short cut' in home screen will instantly open the unit.
A deep press in summary view will give you many options-edit, delete, share or create a short cut on your home screen.
Filter by category & sort options add to the ease of use & find.

Edit mode:

Open a unit and tap on Quick Note to edit the unit. Type anything. Limited Undoundo & redo redooptions present are helpful. Insert variables (data values like date, time, last call name, number etc) in another useful option. A long press (after positioning the cursor) gives you the options.

Give your scribble unit a title by tapping on the default title.
Link it to a category by tapping on Category  & selecting one among the categories. A tap on  in categories, creates a new category.
Tap on Alert to enable a reminder to alert you about it.


Meta data(data about the data), data that is not part of the content, but are keywords that you can associate with the scribble, to help you find the unit, can be attached by tapping on meta data (tags)
Attach images or contacts by tapping on Images or Contacts. Open the attachment by tapping on it. Once open, you can delete the attachment too.
Tap on Sketch to insert your own sketch into the note. Note that the pen Pen takes a while (till it becomes red) before it is ready to draw.
Take a photo Camera and make that a part of your scribble unit. Tap on Gallery image to insert an image from your gallery.
Record an audio Record as a part of the scribble.
Tap on Alert to enable a reminder to alert you about it.
In edit mode, your attachments can be deleted too.

Actions with an Open Unit:

Tap on a unit or tap on the shortcut to a unit to open it.
Share it, share it with recently used numbers, copy to clipboard, Dial to telephone numbers contained in the unit are available in options.
Select any part of the data to share it or for a search in your contacts. Add a name-tel# pair in the data to your contacts. Tap on 'More options' to get the option.
Search in your contacts for any name in the unit by selecting the name and 'Search in contacts' in 'Options'.
You can call, message to the attached contacts from 'Options'/ 'More options'.
Open attachments, view them, listen to them or even delete them by a tap on the attachment.