V card reader: Visiting card to Mobile contacts:

Go to V card reader, position the mobile for the best photo and click to take a photo of the visiting card. The scanned data that appears can be edited to ensure that all data, especially telephone numbers and email ids are perfect. Click on save button Save, select Contacts and proceed to add the visiting card data into your contacts list.

JohnnysApp uses a companion app to scan visiting cards. First time you use V-card reader, you are prompted to install it. Only after a successful installation of the app, can you use V-card reader.

QR Code scanner:
Position the mobile to fully contain the QR Code. Once the code is read, the data is displayed on your screen. You can share the data Share or copy it to clipboard Save..

App Organiser:
Select App option, select the app, enter the tags that can remind you about the app.
Search with any part of the tag(s) and a summary view with all the apps matching the keyword appears. A deep press on the icon gives you options to manage the record about the app.