Attach images or contacts by tapping on Images or  Contacts. Select the file from the folders to attach an image. Select a contact to attach the contact.
At attached file can be opened by tapping on it. Once open, you can delete the attachment too. Only the link is deleted and the original image is NOT deleted.
You can call, message or email to the attached contacts from 'Options'/ 'More options'.
Tap on Sketch to create your own sketch for insertion. Note that the pen Pen takes a while (till it becomes red) before it is ready to draw. When you delete a sketch, the sketch itself is deleted unlike images, contacts and photos.
Take a photo Camera and make that a part of your data.
Record an audio Record as a part of the data. Tap on Record again to start recording. Tap on Stop to stop recording. You can listen to it by tapping on Play. You can pause the play by tapping on Stop.
The audio can be cropped to discard the parts from the ends that is not required. Move the start and end pointers to the appropriate positions and tap on play to confirm that the poirnters are right before tapping on crop to get what you want. This can only be done in edit mode.
You can delete an audio file only in edit mode. When you delete an audio file, the audio file itself is deleted unlike images, contacts and photos.
Tap on the attachment icon to open the attachment. If you are in edit mode, you can now choose to change or delete the attachment.
Note that only the link is deleted and the original is NOT deleted for images, photos and contacts while they are permanently removed for sketches and audio files.
When you delete an attachment, the attachment itself is deleted if it is a sketch or an audio file whereas only the link is deleted for images, contacts and photos.