Document tagging: 

Your Driving licence, id proofs, insurance documents etc are required instantly many times. Sometimes you may have to show it to someone. Other times, you may have to send it to someone. The phone is the best place to keep them. JohnnysApp is the best app to find & use them. Digitize your document once, and use it for a lifetime.

You can tag any physical document, digitizing it by scanning & cropping it. Then tag it with as many keywords, mnemonics that help you find it easily.

If your document is a digital document like a pdf file, select the document and tag it with relevant key words.

Find it by searching for any of its associated keywords & use it instantly-open it, send it by email, whatsapp, other apps.
Summary view shows all the documents together. You can sort the list by date of creation/editing/access etc.

How to digitize a document:

Select 'Document digitization' module to see all the documents already digitized. To add a new Document, Tap on . You can do the following:

  1. Take Picture
  2. Choose Picture
  3. Choose Document

For 1 & 2 above, JohnnysApp uses a companion scanner app to do the scanning process. If the scanner app is not already present in your mobile, you will be prompted to install it. This needs to be done only once, the first time you try to scan a document. Give necessary permissions to install the app so that your documents can be scanned and saved.

Select the document, if it exists in your mobile, else select an existing image or create it using the mobile camera. The photo of your document can be scanned, cropped & named. All keywords associated with the document can be typed. Type as many coma separated keywords as you want. You can also enter the physical location of the document and enter a narrative description of the document.

Search by typing one or more of the keywords, coma separated, to find the digitized document. The records with best matches will appear on top of the list.

Tap on any record to view the document or to share it.