How to use medication schedule:

Tap on  to create a medication schedule record. The data includes:

  • Symptom details
  • prescription that you can save as a document/photo
  • Doctor details
  • Any number of Medicines 

For each medicine

  • Its dosage
  • Medicine purchased quantity
  • Medicine schedule
  • number of times a day & Timing of each
  • Number of days/weeks/months or number of times.
  • First dose date/time.

Based on this data, it creates a full schedule for all the days. You can individually edit any of these records to tune it further to get an alert at the appropriate time.

If there is a second medicine as per the same prescription, you can define that as well. If the schedule for the 2nd one is the same as the first one, you can duplicate the earlier medicine scheudule. The duplicated schedule can be edited further to change the 2nd medicine schedule to be different from the first one. 

Advanced schedule definition:

Instead of defining number of doses per day, you can use an advanced entry option. Here, you can specify day start time & end time and have medication every xx hours/minutes. As per the number of days/doses, the schedule is created. Edit this further to tune it to your situation.

Save the data. Alerts appear at the scheduled timings.

Summary View:

You see all the active medication schedules. Tap on Edit to edit your schedule.

You can sync share it with your care giver. The care giver gets the alerts just as you get it. If you aren't capable of handling your medications yourself, the caregiver can ensure that medications are handled without failure.

You can also see data of medications taken earlier.