You can set your name so that it stops calling you johnny and calls out your name when it announces the time. You can specify the start and end time of the talking clock.

You can tune the speaker volume of notification. It can only reduced from the mobile's own sound volume. If the maximum volume of the mobile is MAX and you set the volume as 0.5MAX in the mobile's 'Settings', you can tune your notification volume from zero to 0.5MAX from JohnnysApp. If you want louder notifications, louder than 0.5MAX, you need to increase the volume from the mobile's settings.

Data Backup/Restore options:
JohnnysApp data can be backed up from Privacy & Data Backup option. You need to select the destination where the backup is to be taken.

Data Restore:
You can make your old data as the current data.
If you backup your data on SD card or on cloud, you can use this option even when you change your mobile.

Diary password is accepted when you enter the first diary record. It can be changed from Privacy & Data Backup/Diary password option.